WTFU S2 EP1: Season Premiere

I feel the need for some clarification as to my standpoint in the second hour of the episode. When even my wife can’t clearly get what I am saying, a huge miss-communication has taken place. My stance is simply this. In every other crime we crawl inside every single detail. We often leave no stone unturned, but not when concerning rape….no matter what, we often turn a blind eye on some of the facts in favor of saving the victim and their families feelings.

Bad decisions are what lead to this heinous act being committed  Bad decisions sometimes on BOTH sides. Why is that so hard to accept for so many? It’s always a matter of “HOW DARE YOU!” and “WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WOULD ASK/SAY SUCH THINGS?”. I am not a monster and I do dare. You can easily see my argument, just people watch at the next social gathering. Hang out in a bar, watch the crowd. The men and the women are both on collision courses.

My problem with this is the fact that while I love women very much, they can be just as dirty and dangerous as men. To some extent more so due to the above precedents. We all know that party girl, we’ve all seen how some women behave after a few drinks or at the bar in general. Just like we all know that guy that we wouldn’t leave alone with our sister. We take measures to lessen the impact of these people, I propose they take steps to lessen THEIR impact on themselves as well as others.

Look, predators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Further even.I also understand that this is an emotionally charged subject for my wife and other women. I just can’t always feel sorry for the victim. That’s just me, it’s cold and it’s kinda mean. Just because it’s not a popular opinion, doesn’t make it an any less valid one.

That being all said, if you know someone who needs help. Please point them in the direction of help. When you are out and about with friends, be aware of yours and their surroundings at all times. Keep in control of yourself so you can stay safe.



Rape – Rape Help Information and Resources 


Help A Friend | Rape Treatment Center

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