The MWR Seasons Vault

Welcome to the vault, this is where we stash previous seasons of Mad World Radio. Here you can find everything we have done…from the very beginning of MWR up to the most current archived season. It’s been a hell of a ride, so sit back and strap in for what we think is one of the best damn internet radio shows out there for consumption.


The rough and ragged beginning. I listen to these shows and feel a little nostalgic for the fledgling dream. Enjoy this very short first season.


The Second Season is actually a little deceptive. Some of these were meant to be part of season one, but crap happens and things sometimes don’t always go to plan.


The third season marked a big change for MWR, we moved and made ourselves a studio. New home and new office meant bigger and better things. We found our groove and started working it.


Season four was crazy. We went places and had a huge season packed with three different “mega shows” where we went for 7 hours! And we closed it with a BANG!


Season five was bigger and crazier than previous seasons. With addition of a new show and several new co-hosts, this season really did become a beast of it’s own.

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