Looking to be a guest on or possibly hire Mad World Radio for your next event/convention. Curious about what we’re all about and what we can do for you? Who better to ask then those who have worked with us already? Below you will find testimonials from guests and business contacts alike.

First off, it is a real honor and privilege to know and call Odd a friend. He is truly is a guy who is a real character. You just have to love him. He is funny, serious and as hard-working at his craft as anybody I know.

“Odd was my partner in planning the Fright Night Cancer Fight: The Sequel. He was terrific! Hardworking, giving, generous, and more! I cannot think of enough compliments to give him. He did a great job and was easy to work with. Both he and his wife are the best! Because of him and Liz the Fright Night Cancer Fight was even bigger and better than last year’s was. I look forward to working more with him and not just for the next Halloween Party. I cannot think of a better friend and partner to work with on any project.  He is hard-working and dedicated to the projects he works on. I am already excited on any future endeavors we may undertake together.  It has been an honor and privilege to work with him and Liz.  I am very fortunate to have worked with him and would gladly do so again!”Tom Sawyer (Author and Event Promoter)

“Odd Man is more than just the big personality behind Madworldradio.com! He’s a passionate and genuine individual who cares about building community and supporting local music and businesses. His endorsement means something too, because he tells it like it is and works exclusively with people and causes he believes in. If MWR endorses it, you know it’s good! Odd and Liz are top notch people too, what started with sponsorship and networking quickly became a treasured friendship. A great show, great people, can’t say it enough!”Jessi Shaffer (Warriors 3 Comics & Games)

“We’ve partnered with Mad World Radio for promotion of our annual Free Comic Book Day the last 2 years, with each one being the best one to date. In addition Odd MC’d unofficially at a comic event we promoted called Fan-O-Rama.

All of our events have been fun, energetic and well received.

As a partner, Odd is professional and willing to work with any of our concerns. As a promoter, Odd definitely thinks out of the box, and has gotten us some exposure in areas and to customers we never would have regularly reached. As an event MC, Odd is hardworking, prompt, and professional. His show is fun, targeted at the right audience for our events, and high energy.

If you’re considering an in-house event and are looking for a unique entertainment experience, I’d recommend you talk to Odd and the Mad World Radio crew.” ~ Robert Smethers (Owner of Comic City)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Odd’s interview with me about my book” ~Dwight Rounds

Explosive- exciting- off the wall funny- professional- exceptional -and would do it again in a New York Minute
~ Best Selling Author Yvonne Mason

I loved talking to ODD! The man is wicked smart, unbelievably witty and his topics are always right on point. Odd makes every discussion lively and exciting. Appearing on Odd’s show has helped increase our events recognition to an all time high and has also improved our attendance.
~Gordon Ireland http://midwestwitchesball.com

Aside from having a great (if often off-color) sense of humor, Odd really understands the importance of spotlighting both local problems and local “bright spots.”  Admittedly, I’m probably biased–he’s done a hell of a job promoting me and my projects, but that’s part of the point, isn’t it?  He’s a great guy to know and work with.  I only wish he was actually *paying* me to say these things.” ~Michael Marcus (Hamtramck Idea Men)

Thanks Odd, for featuring my project on your awesome show! It has brought additional attention and we have continued to reference your segment for even greater exposure. Keep up the great work!
~Adnan Saleem www.ZombieMe.com

“Thanks to Mad World Radio, my music, and other local music, is reaching people that may have never heard it. Thanks Odd, you rock.” ~Robert Louis

“Mad World Radio gives me a happy tingly feeling in my pants!” ~Tom Rockwell (A.K.A. Devo Spice)

Odd,and Mad World Radio…was a blast too interview with..it’s a zany,no holds barred broadcast…that keeps the writers voice in mind.I look forward too working with Odd and Liz in the future. ~James F, Garner Sr. (Crimson Quill Publishing)

“Mad World Radio stands out as one of the few interviews I’ve done where the hosts, Odd and Lady Odd, actually give a shit about you and what you have to say. They are knowledgeable, courteous, funny, and ask great questions. As a one-time guest (and presumably one to return someday), they have repeatedly mentioned me, my art, and my books both positively and honestly. As best as I can gather, their audience is mostly comprised of eclectic midwesterners and creatives, which is an audience perfect for any lets-throw-this-up-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks product and/or service. And I know I have sold books thanks to Mad World Radio.” ~Eric Adams Writer, Artist, Creator of the comic series Lackluster World

“Odd is a great radio host that makes his guests feel comfortable so they can be at their best. He gives his guests the chance to be themselves. I’ve loved going on his show and look forward to doing it again” ~Bill Squire

Mad World Radio has been a wonderful part of our Fridays and Sundays. The Diva and I consider Oddman and Liz  as family. We are truely blessed that over the past two years we’ve met so many wonderful people such as the gang at Mad World Radio. I tip my fedora to ya!” ~Bill Adams (Adams Entertainment)

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