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By OddMan On 27 May, 2013 At 07:48 AM | Categorized As Season 2, Wake The Fuck Up | With 0 Comments

In this episode we tackle a topic that floats around in the ether of consciousness. There are quite a few trans-Americans and often they are criticized and made to feel like shit about their choices. Podcast (wakethefckup): Play in new window | Download

By OddMan On 26 May, 2013 At 10:49 AM | Categorized As Season 2, Wake The Fuck Up | With 0 Comments

“The people united will never be divided”, “Hell no, GMO!”, “Whose food? Our Food” “We don’t need no GMOs, Monsanto’s food has got to go!” these and many more slogans of disapproval were chanted by 500+ people at the March Against Monsanto in Ann Arbor Michigan.

By OddMan On 13 May, 2013 At 06:30 PM | Categorized As Season 2, Wake The Fuck Up | With 0 Comments

Sometimes, you just shouldn’t screw with kids. Especially a child of Odd and Liz. The boy’s birthday was recently and he wanted to go to a Wade Shows carnival that was held at Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor Michigan. The carnvial was shut down by the Taylor Police Department just an hour after we got […]

By OddMan On 30 Nov, 2012 At 08:20 AM | Categorized As Featured, Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

So last night didn’t quite play out as it was supposed to. We were supposed to be heading to a concert last night. Not particularly thrilled about the band itself (Saliva), we were going more to hang out with a couple of friends. Unfortunately they called and canceled due to them having the flu. Get better soon […]

By OddMan On 3 Sep, 2012 At 10:59 AM | Categorized As New Episodes, Wake The Fck Up | With 0 Comments

Welcome back to the talk show with a set of gonads. In this episode we get to speak with Chris-Teen Constas a local shutter bug turned film maker. Podcast (wakethefckup): Play in new window | Download

By madworldradio On 28 Aug, 2012 At 06:59 AM | Categorized As Fame, Socialism | With 0 Comments

The rich, wealthy elite are only against socialism when it’s them paying for the poorer people…

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