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Some roomates are the absolute worst. Check out this short film. Living With Jigsaw from Chris Capel on Vimeo. He really needs to get his own place. Writer/Director Chris Capel  

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Wow, how can you not feel bad for this kid? Look regardless of his back story, music is a very important part of our society and those who can creatively put forth content should never be berated like this. According to the video this is only the “tame half” of her belittling of the craft.

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Mad World Radio Get Game Banged

How Did Mad World Radio get Game Banged?   In this episode of Mad World Radio Odd sat down with Keith Martins and Richard Raphael of the web series Game Bangers. Keith and Rich were in studio and the very lovely Lindsey Black called in to chat for a bit. It was Lindsey’s birthday that […]

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Ask Odd logo

Do you dare to Ask Odd? We brought it back ladies and gentlemen… Yes Ask Odd has returned for the 2014 season and we’ll keep doing these if you’ll keep Asking Odd questions. It does not matter how weird, serious or out there the question might seem. Go ahead and Ask Odd anything! You can […]

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Head in Hands

So there is a bar, Beer Belly’s in Taylor Michigan. I go there from time to time and I have seen this sign plenty of times. You see for some reason an ignorant individual saw this “No Colors Sign” and took it to mean that “Colored People” are not allowed within the walls of that […]

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