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By OddMan On 7 Jul, 2014 At 09:46 PM | Categorized As 2014 Season | With 0 Comments

Greetings My Anal Americans, it is on this day the Fourth of July 2014 that we put forth an independent speech program encapsulated by anal discussions. 4 score and 7 sore holes ago….   Alright, enough of that horse shit. Hey everybody, it’s your good buddy Odd here with another rousing episode of Mad World […]

By OddMan On 4 Jan, 2014 At 11:04 AM | Categorized As 2014 Season, Mad World Radio | With 0 Comments

Welcome back faithful fans, it’s your friendly neighborhood internet radio host. Back in the saddle once more and ready to ride a rip-snorting new season of Mad World Radio into the breach of 2014. This year, we’ll be adding a few elements to make the shows even better than they were before. We’ll be debuting […]

By OddMan On 10 Jun, 2013 At 11:11 AM | Categorized As Mad World Radio, Season 7 | With 0 Comments
Odd's elephant penis

In this episode of Mad World Radio, Tim Majik sticks around and gets tipsy with Odd. They goof off and laugh the night away while sipping on whiskey and beer. We find out about Odd’s elephant penis and how good maple syrup that gets you drunk is. Podcast (mad-world-radio): Play in new window | Download

By OddMan On 8 Apr, 2013 At 07:40 AM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

It was an amazing week last week. Spring break came and I decided to use it to broadcast something special for all the fans of The Phonetic Bells Network. I was able to bring in 3 musicians to play live sessions of music for the work day woes.

By OddMan On 23 Mar, 2013 At 09:26 AM | Categorized As Season 7, The Vault | With 0 Comments

On Mad World Radio. The doors fly open and we let it all hang out with Arwen Starda committee member and organizer of the¬†Midwest Michigan Witches Ball. We find out about what the ball entails along with some other nonsense that fell out of Odd’s head. If you’re looking for a good time you can […]

By OddMan On 9 Mar, 2013 At 09:31 AM | Categorized As Mad World Radio, Season 7, The Vault | With 0 Comments

Last night was the first of two Takedown Wrestling Alliance takeovers. C.k. Calhoun and Chelsea Marie from TWA came in and we talked about a lot of different stuff. Including their upcoming match on March 16th at the Weekend Pickers Indoor Flea Market. Podcast (mad-world-radio): Play in new window | Download

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