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By OddMan On 26 Mar, 2014 At 04:25 PM | Categorized As Videos | With 0 Comments

Some one needs to tell Fox 2 Detroit “You Can’t Play That on Television. This morning Fox 2 Detroit did a story about how billionaires are flaunting their wealth on Facebook and the sound tech chose a song that probably go someone fired. Or at least scolded and told “YOU CAN’T PLAY THAT ON TELEVISION!” […]

By OddMan On 26 May, 2013 At 10:49 AM | Categorized As Season 2, Wake The Fuck Up | With 0 Comments

“The people united will never be divided”, “Hell no, GMO!”, “Whose food? Our Food” “We don’t need no GMOs, Monsanto’s food has got to go!” these and many more slogans of disapproval were chanted by 500+ people at the March Against Monsanto in Ann Arbor Michigan.

By Odd On 10 Apr, 2012 At 12:04 PM | Categorized As Uncategorized | With 0 Comments

What doesn’t this story have?

By Odd On 21 Sep, 2011 At 01:09 PM | Categorized As Breakfast With Odd, New Episodes | With 0 Comments

Wow, this episode was on fire! We covered everything from the sound of bacon to anal rape. Realistically for our morning show, that isn’t THAT big of a jump for us. I kinda don’t want to bog you down with a lot of jibber jabber, just click play and be entertained as well as informed. […]

By Odd On 31 May, 2011 At 04:43 PM | Categorized As Featured, News | With 0 Comments

Apparently over the holiday the KKK managed to redeem themselves slightly in eyes of the public. When they challenged the protesting prowess of the Westboro Batshit Crazies. During an appearance by President Obama at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Protesting members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church were met with an unlikely group of […]

By Odd On 21 Feb, 2011 At 10:32 AM | Categorized As Opinions | With 0 Comments

Ahh BJ’s, what a wonderful alternative to intercourse. For some it’s how to cap off a great date, for others it’s a way to be intimate without the worry of producing any dependents…..or so one Chicago man thought. Meet Dr. Richard Phillips, he’s your typical every man…works hard and likes to get his rocks off. […]

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