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By OddMan On 14 Jan, 2013 At 07:48 AM | Categorized As Season 2, Wake The Fuck Up | With 0 Comments

Long title I know, but I couldn’t resist. Such a good mood and a good vibe in the house this morning after the show last night. We covered a lot of ground, but we did so in a fairly streamlined fashion.  Podcast (wakethefckup): Play in new window | Download

By Odd On 14 May, 2012 At 08:24 AM | Categorized As New Episodes, Wake The Fck Up | With 0 Comments

In this episode we are joined by Guy Williams Jr. (A.K.A. Boca) to talk about the weight of the world and the stupidity of an “Us Vs. Them” mentality. Our world, or maybe just America’s society seems dead set on having people be at each other’s throats over everything. Podcast (wakethefckup): Play in new window […]

By Odd On 5 Mar, 2012 At 07:47 AM | Categorized As Mad World Radio, New Episodes | With 0 Comments

WHERES THE PLAYER!? Don’t freak out and think I forgot to add the player, it’s been moved to the bottom of posts due to some tech issues with our auto excerpt grabber. Packed tightly into a neat little box is one hell of a show. In this episode we get to speak with Colin McConnell […]

By Odd On 22 Jun, 2011 At 11:51 AM | Categorized As Breakfast With Odd, Featured, New Episodes | With 0 Comments

In this episode of Breakfast With Odd, we hung out with John D. Green Sr. and Guy Williams Jr. of Sabuda. We talked about many things and played their whole 6 song album during the broadcast. You first heard Sabuda on Mad World Radio and The Phonetic Bells Network back a few months ago, but […]

By Odd On 18 Apr, 2011 At 09:17 AM | Categorized As Bad Ass Avenue, New Episodes | With 0 Comments

In this episode of Bad Ass Avenue we change gears a little bit and do a Friday night show with a few Sunday night topics mixed in. My guests were Guy Williams (Boca Smole of My Head Radio) and John D. Green Sr. of the newly formed collaboration called Sabuda. John and Guy sat down […]

By Odd On 21 Mar, 2011 At 08:55 AM | Categorized As Bad Ass Avenue, New Episodes | With 0 Comments

Boca Smole, from My Head Radio stopped in and joined us for a rather unorthodox episode of Bad Ass Avenue. We talked about some serious topics, but it had been awhile since Boca and I sat down and just goofed off and hung out. Of course we drug Isaac along for the ride and a […]

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