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By OddMan On 4 Dec, 2012 At 06:03 AM | Categorized As Featured, Videos | With 0 Comments

Hands down the BEST PSA EVER!

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By OddMan On 5 Sep, 2012 At 07:21 AM | Categorized As Videos | With 0 Comments

You gotta love some of their reactions to the increasing enhancement on this nurse. Once again, wish I had the time and crew to do this kind of stuff to people.

By OddMan On 4 Sep, 2012 At 11:11 AM | Categorized As Videos | With 0 Comments

I have no clue what started this or why it escalated like it did, but the humor of watching the old man kick the young mouthy guy and then the two topple over others was just too priceless not to share.

By OddMan On 9 Jul, 2012 At 09:27 AM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 1 Comment

Was having a discussion about “the cloud” and whether it’s an overrated service or not. Especially concerning PS3. Derek: It’s crap, you end up paying a ton of money (unnecessarily) just to get on the cloud and then it’s not anywhere near as good as it was made out to be. Me: Just like christianity […]

By OddMan On 7 Jul, 2012 At 12:50 PM | Categorized As LOL Images | With 0 Comments

A logical argument for ogling huge racks

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