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By OddMan On 18 Feb, 2013 At 08:46 AM | Categorized As Uncategorized | With 0 Comments

Welcome back fellow awake beings. We’re back after a couple of weeks hiatus due to injuries and illness. In this episode Odd, Liz and Paul discuss some of the current events that took place over the course of the show’s absence. There was a lot of ground to cover too! Podcast (wakethefckup): Play in new window […]

By OddMan On 7 Jan, 2013 At 07:05 AM | Categorized As Season 2, The Vault, Wake The Fuck Up | With 0 Comments

I feel the need for some clarification as to my standpoint in the second hour of the episode. When even my wife can’t clearly get what I am saying, a huge miss-communication has taken place. Podcast (wakethefckup): Play in new window | Download

By Odd On 12 Mar, 2012 At 07:31 AM | Categorized As New Episodes, Wake The Fck Up | With 0 Comments

After a long wait you now know what our Sunday night show is called. I’d like to thank my son for coming up with the title, though he couldn’t say the F word he still put forth a great suggestion. Some of you may be wondering what our Sunday night show will be about, for […]

By Odd On 28 Nov, 2011 At 08:33 AM | Categorized As Bad Ass Avenue, New Episodes | With 0 Comments

Despite how wrong the title sounds, this show actually had some heavy content. Isaac and I went toe to teo on our beliefs and though we don’t believe what each other is saying, thankfully we can respect each other enough to be able to say it freely. I know my opinions are rarely the popular […]