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So last night didn’t quite play out as it was supposed to. We were supposed to be heading to a concert last night. Not particularly thrilled about the band itself (Saliva), we were going more to hang out with a couple of friends. Unfortunately they called and canceled due to them having the flu. Get better soon […]

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You have to love the head in the sand mentality our media outlets wish to keep the viewers in. We have some serious problems to deal with in our country and instead of pull back the curtain and see the doddering old man responsible for the smoke and fire, they’d rather keep the illusion that […]

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Sunday ad

Man, if you missed the live show last night. You missed EVERYTHING. I was joined by Wally, Isaac and Detroit’s own Mr. Positive.I feel like I gave birth to this show, it was deep, thought provoking and nobody got punched! I was actually wondering how the night would go since Mr. P seemed like he […]