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By OddMan On 7 Oct, 2013 At 02:02 PM | Categorized As Mad World Radio, New Episodes, Season 7, The Vault | With 0 Comments

This is it folks. The season finale of MWR. We said we weren’t going to take a break, but it was needed for updating the studio space and making a few changes. In this episode I am joined by all my rowdy friends. Jesse, Derek, Marv, Paul, Patrick and my lovely girlfriend Meg. Also my […]

By OddMan On 31 Jul, 2013 At 11:28 AM | Categorized As Mad World Radio, Season 7 | With 0 Comments

Oh man, this episode is a big ball of crazy wrapped in a warm soft flaky crust of wrong. Odd sits down with Marv Anderson (co-host of RawRadioX‘s The Undercard and soon to be host of A Man’s World with Marv Anderson). Also along for the ride were Odd’s friends Paul and Derek.  Podcast (mad-world-radio): […]

By OddMan On 17 Jul, 2013 At 09:17 AM | Categorized As Promotional Images | With 0 Comments
Marv Show flyer

By OddMan On 21 Jan, 2013 At 11:14 AM | Categorized As Season 2, The Vault, Wake The Fuck Up | With 0 Comments

Another fully loaded episode of Wake The Fck Up. This time we tackle Gun Control, At Home Hiv testing kits, why nerds aren’t “bad” and rapists and their rights. My guests were Bobby Bayn and Derek Vance. My buddy “Ace” wasn’t able to make it due to being sick and not wanting to infect us. […]

By OddMan On 8 Sep, 2012 At 10:20 AM | Categorized As Mad World Radio | With 0 Comments

What happens when I have no plan and a room of rowdy dudes? This episode answers those questions in two words. Dick Fingers! Podcast (mad-world-radio): Play in new window | Download