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By Odd On 10 Jan, 2012 At 06:27 AM | Categorized As | With 1 Comment

This is your chance to be part of the nitty gritty action of MWR. Send us ANYTHING! Just make sure to include a name and email address so we can give credit where credit is due.



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  1. gldneaple says:

    see my avatar? pyramid was originally mirrored,,, super volcanoes create an aerosol mirror so highly reflective it drops temps on earth by reflecting solar away from earth..SO2+OH+3H2O ->H2SO4(l)+HO2…Reading the restored pyramid with casing mirrors restored is much easier super volcanic solar mirror mimic…geoengineering instructions to cool SEE it, its a known occurence..the original visual IS her answer VOLCANIC MIRROR GIZA

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