Peter Jackson Thinks You’re an Idiot

Oh you Middle Earthers are going to be PISSED come tomorrow. The Hobbit is getting shaky reviews and I think I know why.

I did some checking, just out of pure curiosity for my own benefit. I looked at the running time for the original cartoon The Hobbit, it clocks in a 77 minutes. As I recall it, since it’s been several years since the last time I saw it. That movie felt like it drug on forever. 77 minutes felt like a friggen eternity.

This new Hobbit flick is clocking in at 2 hours and 49 mins. That’s right they took a movie that was an 1h 17 minutes and stretched it out to 3 hours! Oh and let’s not forget that it’s also part of a trilogy. That’s right, they plan to bilk your wallet thrice. So you’ll be sitting through I am guessing just shy of 9 hours in total by the time they drop theĀ thirdĀ flick in 2014. You’ll have paid more than likely 30 dollars to see a flick you can borrow from netflix for just 8 bucks a month.

Let me touch back on the reviews for a second too, they are saying that it is missing the charm and depth the LOTR had. That Jackson should have done The Hobbit movie (singular) first and then swung into the epic that was the LOTR trilogy.

Don’t fall for this trick, if you do you’ll just be telling Hollywood that it’s ok to bilk you and to create tripe out of standing artwork. LOOKING AT YOU GEORGE LUCAS!

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