MWR S7 Ep2: Feeling Cocky

385403_10150503898964520_1429191230_nAnother filled to the brim episode of Mad World Radio. First we kicked off the night with a Majik Moment with Tim Majik. His guest was Squinky M.D. a local musician friend of his. Tim interviews Squinky and we let him play a couple songs live. 

Then on Mad World Radio, we hang out with a good friend of ours named Kelly. Kelly will be along for the ride with us at Baconfest this year as a booth babe. We also spoke with Amber Cat, the bitchin’ bassist of Bloodline Riot. They are in the middle of a contest to win the ability to tour Russia. They need our help, so follow this link to vote and while you’re at it. Like them on facebook.

We also debuted a bunch of new music so sit back and enjoy the crazy ride.

Music Played

The Higher Key – Xox
Olio – Boxspring
Oogee Wawa – Beach Side Hang Over
Bloodline Riot – Burn
Bloodline Riot – Element
Bloodline Riot – Pendulum
Michael Quinn and the Bourbon Kings – Rib Bone
Blackmail – Ecstasy
We Killed Vegas – Gotta Keep On
We Killed Vegas – Oh, Jenny
We Killed Vegas – So Long, Sweet Virgina
The Saint James Hotel – Comin’ Round Again


Squinky’s CD
Segway Inventor’s New Idea

Wendy’s Hot Drinks Video
Man Accuses GF of Trying to Kill Him With Her Breasts

Remember folks….Use the DOWNLOAD link to grab the show and take it with you.

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