MWR S7 E1: Season Premiere

602841_513878015311170_1445493109_nWelcome folks, it’s another chocked full episode of Mad World Radio. This is the Season 7 premiere and this year we have brought back the 15 min opener idea. Helping me do so were The Brothers Majik. We hope you enjoy these Majik Moments.

We made several announcements throughout the course of the night. First and foremost being, when consuming Mad World Radio’s podcasted episode please use the download link underneath the player. Right click and save it to take with you, we’ve had some reports of the player cutting out on our archived episodes.

Baconfest 2013 is a go! Mad World Radio will be there recording LIVE from the salty meat-a-palooza. For more info see our post here. Also announced last night is the brand new stream that is now more reliable and can handle the listener load. We’re also rolling out a brand new lineup for The Phonetic Bells Network. Starting with the addition of Detroit Drive Time.

What is that you ask? Well, for a few years now I have thought that if the local radio stations actually gave a damn about local indie music (like they try to claim to) then during rush hour (when people are a captive audience) you could showcase Detroit and Michigan made talent. You could also offer cheaply priced advertising to local businesses and really show your love for the mitten. You know the people who help pay your bills. Well, I decided if they weren’t going to do it. I would and I did. So, from 4pm til 7pm EST you’ll be able to hear nothing but independent Michigan Music.

The final big reveal was the new way to listen to either MWR or TPBN in general….. We are smartphone friendly! Yes if you download the Tune In app and search for The Phonetic Bells Network, you’ll be instantly able to stream us on the go! Hence the start of our drive time show. Just tie in to your cars speakers via aux jack or blue tooth and stream us in crystal clear quality.

I want to thank Tim, Matthew, Marv and Ace for helping me kick off this season. We have tons of exciting things to implement this year. We can’t wait to see you there!



Songs Played

Pendulum – Bloodline Riot
Sleep Alone – Yellow Dead Bettys
Leave Her Alone – Yellow Dead Bettys
Plow My Mule – Memphis Gold
Bring It All Home – Pearl Handled Revolver
Exude – Dead School
Pretty Nipples – Disgruntled Bastards
Flow – These Skies
Goodbye – Mooch 1 and the Seekers Church Band
Livin’ Large in L.A. – 2 Bit Radio
Pach-a-Palooza – Black Doctor Jr.
The American Dream – Klover Jane
Turn It Up – Detroit Mutant Radio
Everything That You Hate – Rebel Inc.

4 thoughts on “MWR S7 E1: Season Premiere

  1. Didn’t catch it live, but this is a great way to start my work Monday.

    -Jason [from Corporate Sellout]

    • OddMan

      Glad we can brighten your day. Your tracks will be working their way into our playlists starting this week. Just gotta nab them off the drive.

  2. Je suis venu sur ce post par chance puis je ne le regrette pas !!

    • OddMan

      Nous sommes heureux de constater que vous avez apprécié, n’hésitez pas à revenir nous voir de nouveau un jour.

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