MWR Lexicon
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Your one stop source for all the terms and verbiage we use that might not be so clear to the newer members of the blog. These are words and terms often used on the blog or the show along with a handy definition so you know exactly what we mean. This will be updated as regularly as possible with the newer terms and words. Use responsibly!

Bitch Whisperer (Bit-ch Wi-spur-er): Any man or woman who can calm a raging bitch.

Blame Pie (Bl-Aim-P-eye) Because let’s face it, there is usually plenty to go around

Buttery (Buh-Ter-ee): A total lack of masculinity in behavior or dialog.

Chinger (Chin-jer): A name or term for those of us who are blessed/cursed with red beards or goatees.

Crescendo of Suck (Kree-shen-doh of Suck): When you go above and beyond a normal FAIL.
To truly experience a crescendo of suck you must fail so badly that you will hear a large swelling of noise, usually the sound of people gasping or laughing.

Dickne (D-ih-ck-Nee): Acne the can appear on the shaft of your penis.

Dirty Yard Gnome: A sexual act involving a yard gnome used as both a vaginal and anal dildo. Usually used while a girl is on her period, but to give a true dirty yard gnome the woman has to also have a case of diarrhea.

Manful: A giant meaty masculine mitt (hand) full of anything.

Pseudio (Soo-di-oh): What we call our new studio since is a pseudo studio.

Rawr-Tard (Raw-are-T-ar-d) The point when a female becomes drunk enough to think incessantly hissing and snarling the word RAWR makes them look sexy.


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