MWR Lexicon


Your one stop source for all the terms and verbiage we use that might not be so clear to the newer members of the site/show. These are words and terms often used on the site or the show along with a handy definition so you know exactly what we mean. This will be updated as regularly as possible with the newer terms and words. Use responsibly!

Bitch Whisperer (Bit-ch Wi-spur-er): Any man or woman who can calm a raging bitch.

Blame Pie (Bl-Aim-P-eye) Because let’s face it, there is usually plenty to go around

Buttery (Buh-Ter-ee): A total lack of masculinity in behavior or dialog.

Chinger (Chin-jer): A name or term for those of us who are blessed/cursed with red beards or goatees.

Crescendo of Suck (Kree-shen-doh of Suck): When you go above and beyond a normal FAIL.
To truly experience a crescendo of suck you must fail so badly that you will hear a large swelling of noise, usually the sound of people gasping or laughing.

Depreshition (Dee-preh-shit-shun) A bowel movement that is so massive, it leaves you feeling empty and alone. Like you lost a piece of your soul with the giant dump.

Dickne (D-ih-ck-Nee): Acne the can appear on the shaft of your penis.

Dirty Yard Gnome: A sexual act involving a yard gnome used as both a vaginal and anal dildo. Usually used while a girl is on her period, but to give a true dirty yard gnome the woman has to also have a case of diarrhea.

Giddy Titties: The overwhelming sense of joy upon seeing a beautiful pair of breasts.

Manful: A giant meaty masculine mitt (hand) full of anything.

Pseudio (Soo-di-oh): What we call our new studio since is a pseudo studio.

Rawr-Tard (Raw-are-T-ar-d) The point when a female becomes drunk enough to think incessantly hissing and snarling the word RAWR makes them look sexy.

Throat Yogurt The creamy gooey leavings from a great blowjob.

Face-Taint: The outside part of your face between you check and your mouth