MWR Family
By Odd On 31 Aug, 2010 At 07:21 PM | Categorized As | With 0 Comments

Always one to give credit where credit is due, I introduce you to the MWR Family. Sure we may not be actually related, but these are people who help make it all not go up in smoke.

These are The few. The proud. The insane!

Host and creator of Mad World Radio. Odd tends to be as peculiar as his moniker suggests. Always there for those who matter and the first to point out what’s the matter. He truly is one of the last few good and honest men. Quick wit and a pension for pushing boundaries, you’ll laugh, you’ll learn and you’ll love.

Ahh Mom, mistress of the stitch. Craftier than sliced cheese. She is responsible for all the nifty hand made items for MWR. Now she even has her own business set up. Check out Maggies Magic and get some her custom creations.

The Odd family dog, rescued from the depths of the south. Zero is always ready to be cute and entertaining. She is our resident pet product tester. She’ll do almost anything for a piece of cheese.

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