Leaving Instagram?

InstaGONEMaybe you’re like me and thousands of other Instagram users who have decided to leave their service. You may have noticed that Instagram doesn’t make it easy to take your pictures and go. There are export services I am aware of, but there is way to take your photos off of the site with out the aid of an export service.

I decided while I was in the process of removing my account, that I screen shot and explain how you too can pack up the albums and seek greener pastures. I used Google Chrome for this. You want to Click on the image you want to save. Then right click on the bigger image then select “Inspect Element”. After that copy or open this url in a new tab. Right click and select Save as. VIOLA! You can easily brag all your Instagram pics and then delete your account.

Hope this helps, you should be able to click this image to see it bigger. If not use this link

How to

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