Getting Older

Natural-Health-Remedies-FTI am sitting here trying to think up content for the site. After just swallowing a fistful of herbal supplements and in the process of waiting for my medicinal tea to cool. I realize that this is the part of getting older that sucks, but then again these are things we should be doing all along.

It’s not the getting older that seems to suck, more so that it’s the acknowledgement of getting older. You see we are basically the same people we were when we were younger. The difference is that we ignored a lot of things figuring….”Ah, I’m young. I worry about that stuff when I am older” well, here we are.

I know I am not old, in most of my friend’s eyes I am a just a baby (perils of hanging with an older crowd), but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the wisdom to back up what I am saying. Wisdom that is sometimes beyond my meager accumulation of years. It’s kind of hard to gain it when you have such a wise peer group as your confidants and colleagues.

I take the first sip of my tea, a tea that can only be described as having the flavor of cream of mushroom soup. I am drinking this tea because it is supposed to help with “plumping issues”. Another foly in the further adventures of mishandling your manhood. I have an irritation in the irrigation duct, I was worried about needing antibotics. I was concerned that it may have been a UTI.  Once again, ancient medicine comes to my rescue.

The tea I am drinking is made from corn silk it’s filled with pro-biotics that help boost a bodies natural immune system in order to help it fend off nasty bugs and infections. I drink this tea 3 times a day. Plus I am taking Goldenseal which comes in two forms, liquid and “pill” form. I opted for “pill” as I heard that is had a rather bitter taste.


These two natural remedies have me on the mend in just a few days time. Two natural remedies that cost far less than going to see a doctor and paying for antibiotics would have. Why, do we still continue to put stock in big pharma?

You guys should also recall my gall bladder issues? Big medicine’s only suggestion is an expensive surgical removal. Yet natural medicine is keeping this in check.

As far the getting older. If we paid more attention to our bodies and learned to move through time in them more effectively. We’d realize that a lot of things can be avoided with care and consideration. People are often far too care free about everything. I wish I had been more diligent in my prior youth.

The body wears out, this is fact. We can prolong our suffering by continually trusting those with the stethoscope or we can learn about nature and ourselves. We can find the healing potential elsewhere. The way it was intended for us to. Food for thought, Happy Tuesday everyone.


A big thank you to both Dr. Julie TwoMoon and Dr. Stacie Ford for putting me back together again.

2 thoughts on “Getting Older

  1. Mistristan

    I, also, wish I had been more diligent in my prior youth, but have pretty high hopes for the next go around!  Cheers, Odd!

    • MadWorldRadio

      Yeah, if we do get multiple chances I hope I learn from this life to be more diligent about my health in the next pass. I got pretty much everything else down solid. 😉

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