Mad World Radio is an independent internet radio program, but we always could use a little help from listeners like yourselves. We aren’t asking for much when it comes to donations, basically we want whatever you can give us. The main idea we had was that if every listener donated $1 a month then we’d be able to keep the doors open between that and the advertisers we have.

We’re are borrowing from the PBS model too by planning “telethons” twice a year to bring in donations. Don’t worry, there will be no lame tote bags, when we do this we’ll have decent worth wile premiums to give you for your donations. We figure though that many hands make light work so the $1 or even $1.50 per person model should work just fine.

So if you enjoy what you hearing/reading/watching or what we are doing for independent music & businesses please don’t hesitate to donate today!

Donate whatever you can spare

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