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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. alexis davis

    I have to thank you guys the other night I called in when you had Tommy Robert the frontline recovery there I was the girl that wanted to take my life serious as a heart attack had my 45 Glock on my lap and it seems like when she was saying on the radio that it happened like boom boom change my mind it wasn’t quite like that she talked to me about going to the hospital and I finally talked to a rape counselor on the phone while I was chatting with Desiree Ashlee but honest to god I want to give it to you guys I want to give it to Robert Bogues Tommy Krause and everybody that was there but after a grueling 22 hours at the hospital and then at the police station with the detective…total embarrassing that I had to tell him how this guy overpowered me he wore a pink cast and busted me in the head while knocking me down on the steps to go upstairs in my house and when I kicked him he laughed at me and said bitch I got brass balls but when he flipped me over his DNA was all over my back if you know what I mean but I don’t want to get all into it but honest to God it wasn’t because of anybody but you guys and Desiree Ashley she just had the right words to say and I just wanted to thank you guys because of you guys angel Morales Rodriguezis Is now sitting in jail, thanks to dna and me not changing and not getting a shower and his DNA was already in the system for the same thing but last time it was a 12 year old why he was out of jail I don’t know but he was wanted also because he didn’t register or something for Megan’s Law but I knew exactly where he was staying because he was friends with my cousin that was staying with me for a week and if it wasn’t for her bringing him over I don’t blame her but I don’t blame anybody I was blaming myself but I finished listening to your podcast answer the grueling 22 hours and 8 hours of sleep I listen to it again and again and again and let me tell you I cried a lot but it helped a lot so thank you so so much Ashley Desirae and the crew forgetting me to get up and go to the hospital it was a hard hard hard thing because I had to keep telling my story over and over and over and when they said his DNA was in the system I mean I know his name because my cousin but it was so nice when I called me and said he was already arrested and his bail amount is 500,000 cash so I just can’t believe he was out after doing that to a 12 year old I mean it let rapist out after 2 years but they put a f****** heroin addict as I was in jail for 10 20 yearswhen all we want his helpbut yet they put the scum bags out on the street and then when they don’t register as the detective said they get a smack on their hand I mean what the f*** anyway thank you guys you’re awesome keep up the good work and I hope to hear more of recovery strength and hope because you forreal 180% change my life because I would have lived with that well actually if I use the 45 I wouldnt have lived with it but you know what I’m saying I tell people mad radio save my life God bless if you can thank all the people that were there I’d appreciate it

    • OddMan

      We at Mad World Radio are truly humbled by your account. We’re glad we could be that beacon of light in the storm. Keep listening and keep in touch.

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