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By OddMan On 21 Apr, 2014 At 03:17 PM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

We Are Not Them… In every relationship we find ourselves given a overwhelming challenge. We have this new person full of wonder and excitement, but we still have the battle scars and damage built up from the previous one. That scar tissue is raw and thick, we find ourselves worrying about the possibilities of being […]

By OddMan On 11 Apr, 2014 At 09:12 PM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

New From Odd Co.   During a conversation about sleeping next to my girlfriend and why prefer it to sleeping alone a new Odd Co. product was born, but we’re pretty sure if these actually were made….MWR would be millionaires over night. I had a really sweet, sincere and sentimental explanation as to how I […]

By OddMan On 24 Mar, 2014 At 08:03 PM | Categorized As Local News, Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD SAUSAGE SWALLOWING CONTEST! A fundraising event for children’s art has pitted participants with big appetites against 20ft-long bratwursts that weighed close to 6lb. Twelve competitors turned out for the Wurst Challenge at The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti, raising about $7,000 for the Fly Children’s Art Centre. Among the brat-biting competitors were […]

By OddMan On 20 Jan, 2014 At 08:27 PM | Categorized As 2014 Season, Mad World Radio, Odd's Blog, Site News | With 0 Comments

  Ladies and Gentlemen, From time to time Odd has to take a night off to go support friends of the show at theirĀ gigs. This is where the super cut will come in. The first such supercut is coming at you this Friday (Jan 24th, 2014) as Odd and crew will be out support their […]

By OddMan On 18 Jan, 2014 At 09:03 PM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

During a conversation with my girlfriend about her business and it’s intentions, I was reminded of the campaign started last year. You see she sells sex toys for familiar company to most of you, but it’s really about so much more than just selling marital aids. You see what she is really “selling” is empowerment […]

By OddMan On 18 Jan, 2014 At 08:25 PM | Categorized As Odd's Blog, Site News | With 0 Comments

Mad World Radio is going to The Dirty Show 15! That’s right, the International Erotic Art Exhibition is back in the D and we get an all access look at all they have to offer. I am taking the lovely Ms. Ambyer as my companion for the evening and we’ll take in all the sights […]

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