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By OddMan On 29 Sep, 2014 At 07:41 PM | Categorized As 2014 Season, Mad World Radio | With 0 Comments

We’ve got a hot steaming pile of content ready for you with this episode. We covered a metric ton of ground bouncing between our daily life stories and the weird shit we find on the web. Odd talks about his experience picking up a batch of cumbrellas, a documentary about a penis museum in Iceland […]

By OddMan On 19 Sep, 2014 At 12:10 PM | Categorized As Movie Reviews | With 0 Comments

Whether you love it or hate it, we all have to face facts about “reality tv”. That fact being, there is nothing based in reality about it. Directors, producers and all sorts of other red right hands are involved in twisting and manipulating the audio/video trappings. Frankenfake is the story of Joe Castro, Steven Escobar, […]

By OddMan On 11 Sep, 2014 At 06:15 PM | Categorized As Videos | With 0 Comments

Ugh, road rage is a horrible thing. I have seen some really dumb shit done because the driver couldn’t keep their cool. Everyone has that feeling of entitlement and gets pissed when you impede them in any way. This lady is their queen!

By OddMan On 31 Aug, 2014 At 07:55 PM | Categorized As Videos | With 0 Comments

We all love a good thrill ride. Some of us more than others. This lady got her thrills and then, all she had to do was buy a few ride tickets. Warning….NSFW AUDIO

By OddMan On 27 Aug, 2014 At 06:29 PM | Categorized As Short Films, Videos | With 0 Comments

Some roomates are the absolute worst. Check out this short film. Living With Jigsaw from Chris Capel on Vimeo. He really needs to get his own place. Writer/Director Chris Capel  

By OddMan On 27 Aug, 2014 At 06:34 PM | Categorized As Videos | With 0 Comments

Wow, how can you not feel bad for this kid? Look regardless of his back story, music is a very important part of our society and those who can creatively put forth content should never be berated like this. According to the video this is only the “tame half” of her belittling of the craft.

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