Bob, Bob and Lou

So last night didn’t quite play out as it was supposed to. We were supposed to be heading to a concert last night. Not particularly thrilled about the band itself (Saliva), we were going more to hang out with a couple of friends. Unfortunately they called and canceled due to them having the flu. Get better soon guys.

This left Liz and I with a dilemma  Do we A: go out anyways since we were dressed and were looking forward to a night out or B: stay in like we normally do and hang with the family. Sorry guys, we love you. We just needed a little away time.

So we picked where we wanted to eat and went from there. We chose Real Bar-BQ since we both really enjoy the crew and food there. We nabbed a table and ordered, over conversation with with liz my functioning ADD kicked in and I noticed the conversation of 4 older gentlemen seated two tables away from us. I felt like government spy software because my ears were picking up key words in their conversation. Discussing things we and our circle of friends (not to mention shows) talk about with great passion and gusto.

I felt weird because I was torn, I was on a date with my wife and the businessman side of me kicked in. I asked Liz if she’d be ok with me going over and introducing myself. She told me “Of course, baby”, but she also said I should wait til they we or them were leaving. I tried dear, but you’re glad I didn’t aren’t you?

After I approached and explained who I am and what I do. I was asked to join their discussions and have a drink with them. So Liz and I joined their table and the games begun.

Upon the introductions I was asked if I was R, D or Center.  I said Center, I feel I walk down the center of most party issues. Not just red and blue, but all of the others too. They sized me up and I did them and it was time to see where it all would go. We talked about the economy and the politics behind it. We staved off any religious persecution and military  debates, but we still carried on a lively discourse about our core and key personal beliefs. At one point the two Bobs were at odds of where to place me on their political definition radar. One Bob was a retired used car salesmen, The other Bob was among many other things a retired Lawyer. Salesmen Bob, was in Nam and carried a lot of the similar belief structures of that time periods generation. He seemed to be the more reactionary and emotionally based of the Bobs. Lawyer Bob was more analytically of most topics, there was passion behind his stances that seemed to stem from deep soul searching.

Salesmen Bob pegged me as a Liberal, but Lawyer Bob saw me as more Republican in my ideals concerning finances and economy. Let me explain that, it seems important to pause here and explain my stance. Lawyer Bob asked me did I believe a person or government should be responsible for my financial security. I believe it should be up to the individual to secure their own retirement plan and to ensure that they are able to afford the things they need. I also think there should be a small security net too. All of the regulations and legislation to protect us has also hurt us very badly. It’s not entirely our own fault though, there is a few fingers in this less than freshly baked blame pie. Though that’s a topic for another time.

Gay marriage came up and was quickly swept away when Salesman Bob started quoting the bible. Actually that’s not exactly true, he asked me what the preamble of the constitution said.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

At the time he cited that the term “UNDER GOD” was part of it and being that it had been a while since I had to cite the preamble, I wasn’t arguing with him. Although, if Salesmen Bob or Lawyer Bob read this…..Nowhere in it does it state under god. What you’re thinking of is the Pledge of Allegiance and even that didn’t have “under god” in it until 1954 that it was added. This was during the height of the “Red Menace” fervor and they figured “the commies” would never praise a god, let along “our god”.

Anyways, you all know my stance on Gay marriage. The reason it was brought up though was because of a discussion about elections and distractions. I pointed out that a slew of topics are thrown out to segregate and confuse the masses from paying attention to the real and important issues. The spin machine works hard to keep us bickering about things like gay marriage, but if the men we elected would follow the piece of paper the established our country….It’d be a non issue.

The evening went along great, we spent over an hour sitting and talking with these 3 older men. Lou was cool, he was just sitting back and watching the fire works go. His two long time friends and this young kid stoking the fires on both sides. I hope they do check out what I do here. I think they’d enjoy our Sunday night program WTFU.

I also want to say this, engage people. It doesn’t matter if their views don’t align with yours as long as you can respect and understand where they are coming from. As brash and standoffish as I can be, there are some I am capable of interacting and socializing with despite my belief in their use of the ass as a hat. An open dialog is never a bad thing.

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