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By OddMan On 21 Oct, 2014 At 02:44 PM | Categorized As Late 2 The Gamers | With 0 Comments

  Good friend and fellow nerd 4 life Rob Manier ( asked if we could create a new show for Rob and I are always sitting around talking video games, tv shows and all manners of geek culture. We finally decided to sit down and record ourselves….this was the final product. This show will […]

By OddMan On 17 Oct, 2014 At 08:55 PM | Categorized As Odd Images | With 0 Comments

    Ah the bladder, friend and foe of us all. It seems to be mostly user error when it fails, but every so often our bladders are just out to get us, here is a couple of tails of from the pisser!

By OddMan On 14 Oct, 2014 At 08:01 AM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

This isn’t a review, more of a putting it your radar. I love offbeat horror movies and The Devil’s Carnival fits that category nicely. If you enjoyed Repo The Genetic Opera then it stands to reason you’ll enjoy The Devil’s Carnival. I found it late one night while surfing netflix and was pleasantly surprised. So […]

By OddMan On 14 Oct, 2014 At 07:35 AM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

Porn parodies are often very lame and lacking in anything worth watching or even wanking to. Although, I am totally going to watch this one just because. You all know the H. Jon Benjamin (Archer) voiced animated show Bob’s Burgers on FOX. Well, someone decided Bob’s Burgers would become Bob’s Boners. The people over at […]

By OddMan On 14 Oct, 2014 At 06:10 AM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

ThisĀ 22-year-old woman from Florida quit her job as a kindergarten teacher in order to become a professional twerker and she makes more money doing it! Her name is Jessica Vanessa and she was discovered by advertisers on vine who offered her some big bucks to shake her ass while mentioning their products. Welcome to 21st […]

By OddMan On 13 Oct, 2014 At 11:48 AM | Categorized As Odd's Blog | With 0 Comments

Ok, I have been told I need to let go and accept that my favorite movies of youth are going to be remade/rebooted…BUT AN ALL GIRL GHOSTBUSTERS!? A 3rd Ghostbusters movie has been talked about for many years now. The story of which has evolved from a straight sequel (threequel?), to a passing of the […]

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