What is Mad World Radio? Well we are a little bit of everything, but we’re also something rather unique. Mad World Radio is the brain child of Odd. Part blog and part live internet radio show it covers the realm of the weird and strange.

MWR has been around since 2007, it all began thanks to a Myspace blog. Odd frequented this a topical blog/show and often left his thoughts an opinions on the posted topics. After enough time and spot on opinions, Odd was offered the chance to have his own show. Mad World Radio was born, though in the beginning Odd just called it Mad World and it was a rough ride.

Over the years the show grew and morphed into it’s current form. With the addition of new equipment he was able to bring live phone interviews and live music to the show. Live music is something we love being able to provide for our listeners. We also enjoy getting calls from our listeners either while on the air or having them leave messages when we aren’t. Thanks to an online service we were able to snag the phone number 1 734 743 1MWR and have a built in answering machine.

In 2009 Mad World Radio started a Christmas toy and clothing drive called Fill Odd’s Sack, we work with the local chapter of the Goodfellows thus carrying on a tradition Odd’s grandparents started when he was a kid. Every year the Goodfellows collect donations of food, clothing and toys to give to the local families in need, unlike other charities who disburse their donations nationwide. In 2010 Odd and the gang were able to fill his 6ft tall sack twice over thanks to the generous donations from the friends and fans of Mad World Radio.

In 2010, Mad World Radio took over Comic City in Canton Michigan for Free Comic Book Day for the first time. MWR brought out comic tunes and the good times. Then in 2011 they did it again, but this time they brought live music in the form of Filker extraordinaire Tom Smith and prizes from Michigan businesses. MWR pitted customers against each other for a knock down drag out battle of comic knowledge.

Carrying on with the giving and helpful spirit Odd and the gang are always looking to get involved and help spread the love. In October of 2011 MWR offered up their services for the Fright Night Cancer Fight where proceeds went to Beaumont Children’s Hospital for their Cancer Unit.Which we hope to continue doing in the future since we had a blast and it’s a great cause.

Give us a listen and we’re sure you’ll love Mad World Radio.

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About Odd:

Odd is your not so typical, not so average family guy with a heart of gold and sharp wit. He cares about the independent businesses and musicians, he believes life shouldn’t be filled with liars, cheats and shysters. He’ll stand up for what he believes in and will always provide an honest take on the inner workings of what is going on.

Whether being comical or getting political, Odd will split your sides and make your grey matter bubble with brilliance. Always a pro at turning a phrase, you can bet that Odd and his crew will be able to provide you with a few new phrases and terms to break out at the water cooler on Monday. Just learn from our friend Isaac and don’t google everything Odd mentions.



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