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This isn’t a review, more of a putting it your radar. I love offbeat horror movies and The Devil’s Carnival fits... 

Bob’s Boners..
Tue, Oct 14th, 2014 / 0 Comment

Porn parodies are often very lame and lacking in anything worth watching or even wanking to. Although, I am totally going to... 

Twerk It Tuesday?..
Tue, Oct 14th, 2014 / 0 Comment

ThisĀ 22-year-old woman from Florida quit her job as a kindergarten teacher in order to become a professional twerker and she... 

All Girl Ghostbusters?..
Mon, Oct 13th, 2014 / 0 Comment

Ok, I have been told I need to let go and accept that my favorite movies of youth are going to be remade/rebooted…BUT AN... 

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3 EPISODES….OMG!!! We might be onto a series here. Rob Manier and Odd are back with another episode of Late... 

On Mon, Nov 10th, 2014 | In: Late 2 The Gamers

We’re back in glorious 16 bit. We cover a lot of ground here so, if we hit on anything you want to discuss by... 

On Mon, Nov 10th, 2014 | In: Late 2 The Gamers

As the sands of time flow, things shift and change. MWR has made a few shifts and changes over the years and so has... 

On Sat, Nov 8th, 2014 | In: 2014 Season / Mad World Radio / New Episodes

Each week we cull through the best of the worst internet tales and bring you a batch of truly impressive or funny... 

On Wed, Oct 29th, 2014 | In: Odd Images

These poor lonely should are just looking for someone or something to connect with and well a few of them find it.... 

On Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014 | In: Odd Images

  Good friend and fellow nerd 4 life Rob Manier ( asked if we could create a new show for 

On Tue, Oct 21st, 2014 | In: Late 2 The Gamers